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The fight was still going. Everyone was hurt. Bleeding, bones broken, life forces almost gone.
Their foe was stronger than expected. The evil Janemba was there, killing anyone who stood in
his way. He didn't speak.. All he did was laugh. His yellow eyes were filled with evil... No
one could stop him. He was too strong.... Even in their Super Saiyajin forms.

Goku came out of nowhere, ready to punch. But Janemba's hand was too quick, sending Goku
all the way across the field. Vegeta pushed himself off the ground, and sent a powerful
blast at the thing to distract him. Kaira ran behind him with a rod of ki in her hands,
ready to strike. But, Janemba grabbed the rod from her hands.

"No one could do that.." she thought. "I-It's not supposed to.."

Janemba grabbed her by her arm, and repeatedly beated her with it. Each hit was harder, and she
couldn't do anything about it. Vegeta's anger was building up inside, and he couldn't control it.
He immediately threw himself at Janemba, but it was no good. Janemba lashed him with his tail,
breaking through his armor, sending him to the ground on his back. He coughed up some blood, and
he couldn't move. He just watched as his love was beaten... What could he do? She understood...

But... it went too far.. He didn't stop. He was merciless..

Finally, she just stop moving. She just hung there. Vegeta regained some strentgh, but still just
laid there. He refused to believe it.. She wasn't dead...

"She's....just pretending... To make him...stop.." He knew that wasn't the case.

Janemba pulled her up and examined her laughed and threw her right next to Vegeta. He laughed evilly.

Vegeta put himself over Kaira's body. He rubbed her hair out of her face. Her blood was still running,
but her heat stopped beating. There was no power level. She didn't move.. He cried into the crook
between her neck and shoulder. He didn't care about crying. He couldn't hold it in anymore.

"No! Not like this! Kaira... I'm so sorry! I couldn't protect you! Damn it! Why you?!"

Janemba lowered himself down to them, snikering. Vegeta lifted his head, heavy tears still falling
down his face. "I.. don't care.."

Janemba had a shocked look on his face.

"Don't you get you stupid bag of shit?!" Janemba staggered. "You had to do that, didn't you you
sack of crap?!" Vegeta's energy was skyrocketing. "You came here!" he said, kicking him in his chin.
This sent Janemba pretty far away. "Do you know what she was to me?" He punched him in his face.
"Do you even know what it's like watching someone you love so deeply die by someone's hands?" He
atomped into his stomach, creating a crater. "I bet you don't you bitch!" He smacked him with all of
his force. Janemba screamed, and he disappeared. Vegeta stood up, and walked back to Kaira. He saw
Goku holding her, crying. "I couldn't have saved her.."

"No. You were down. You were hurt more than us."

Vegeta looked at her. She was dead. And it was all his fault...
The reason of Tears.

They're not in the Other World. Somehow Janemba came to their world, and was on a rampage.
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April 2, 2010
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